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Jul 16, 2008


wan't to be heard?

can't find your search here?

anything you want about LEGO,

tell us what you're looking for, we'll add the info as soon as possible.
simply just make request by comment here, we'll hear you.


James said...

This is James from LAMLradio (http://radio.laml.org/). I've been looking for your email but I can't seem to find it. Could you please email me with your email: podcast@laml.org


shert2911 said...

I need the instructions for Lego Set #4165 titled Minnie's Birthday. Can anyone out ther help? If so, could you email them to shert2911@aol.com. Thanks.

shert2911 said...

I need the instructions to Lego Set #4165 titled Minnie's Birthday. Does anyone out there have it and if so, could you email it to me please? Or send it by regular mail? Thanks. Sherry

onetwobrick said...

hi Sherry.
you can download the 4165 instruction from this link:

hope this may help. happy building.

Redacción Hispabrick Magazine said...

Hi, this is Carlos from Hispabrick Magazine. The issue number 003 of Hispabrick Magazine is now available for download completely in English from our web: www.hispabrickmagazine.com
Maybe in your LEGO community could be someone interested in it.
Thank you very much

onetwobrick said...

hi Carlos.
thank you for visiting our blog.
very interesting magazine.
we've added the download link in our Klub LUG Indonesia forum.
keep the good work.

ken said...

Hi, I hope you're well, I wanted to see if you'd be able to list my Blog - http://www.customminifig.co.uk on your site? please let me know either way (customminifig at gmail dot com) thanks! Ken

Tasha said...

I'm looking for Lego posters and haven't had any luck! If u know of a place I can buy some please contact me at schultzfamilia@gmail.com. Thanks

onetwobrick said...

you can search and buy your LEGO poster here:
hope this may help.

Joel said...

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me.


Joel Houston