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Aug 5, 2008

set database: 7907 city advent calendar

image courtesy of UHAUHA

image courtesy of sheep

theme: city, advent calendar
year: 2007
pieces: 232
prices: us$25
minifigs: 9
open 24 surprises every day counting to christmas.
list per day:
day01:fireman + circular saw
day02:fire extinguiser,axe,walkie talkie and hydrant
day03:cart on fire
day04:construction worker + pickaxe
day05:road block
day06:road block light board
day07:airport crew + walkie talkie
day08:baggage cart
day09:portable radar
day10:harbour mechanic
day11:life ring with sign pole
day12:hand truck + oil barrel
day13:motor mechanic with spanner
day14:wash bucket + water tap, brush
day15:cash register + display stand
day16:machinist + briefcase
day17:sitting bench with clock
day18:train signal
day19:public worker with + pushbroom
day20:rubbish bin + shovel and 'rubbish'
day21:rubbish box and 'rubbish'
day22:policeman + loudhailer
day23:speed trap + seat
day24:christmas tree

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