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Aug 18, 2009

set database: 5974 galactic enforcer

theme: space, space police 3
year: 2009
pieces: 825
prices: us$100
minifigs: 6
new space sub-theme.
come with a galactic enforcer space ship, a space police mini quad and an alien strikecraft.
the galactic enforcer ship can be split into smaller space vehicles.
inside the galactic enforcer has a control room with forensic lab and questioning area.
also included 4 prison pods that has triggers for opening the pods' cover.
the alien strikecraft has fire trail and chain to drag the stolen statue.
minifigs included a statue of first LEGO space astronaut minifig, 3 space police minifigs and 2 alien minifigs.
the 2 alien minifigs included slizer minifig and kranxx minifig.
good playability.
overall design is good.

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