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Nov 28, 2009

set database: 4501 mos eisley cantina

image courtesy of amazon.comimage courtesy of rlctoyzimage courtesy of legovangogh
image courtesy of tamhotoys
image courtesy of tamrats6
image courtesy of sirdyzaimage courtesy of billcoady29image courtesy of the_golden_brick
theme: starwars, episode 4-5-6
year: 2004
pieces: 193
prices: us$30
minifigs: 5
come with 2 different box art but with same content.
blue box with standard edition box.
black box with original trilogy edition box.
come with a mos eisley cantina indoor diorama.
the diorama take place in the table where han solo met with greedo.
the table has a secret compartment to store a blaster gun.
also included a landspeeder and a dewback creature.
the landspeeder has a secret compartment to store the lightsaber.
minifigs included obi-wan kenobi minifig, luke skywalker minifig, han solo minifig, greedo minifig and a sandtrooper minifig.
great playability.
overall design is great.
must have for starwars lovers.
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