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Jan 16, 2009

set database: 10193 medieval market village

theme: castle, fantasy era
year: 2009
pieces: 1601
prices: us$100
minifigs: 8
very nice set.
come with marketplace for castle theme.
the sytle is classic medieval.
the buildings is 2 storeys that has hinges that allow to open and close to see the interior.
the yellow building has stables, blacksmiths shop and blacksmith's home upstair.
the blacksmith workshop has water powered trip hammer and waterwheel outside.
the stables has gates in front.
the blue building is a tavern in first floor and bedrooms in second floor.
the bedrooms has fireplaces, pictures on the walls, dressing tables, doors, windows and other details.
outside the building has many stands like fish stand, fruit stand food stand and flower stand.
has many accessories like tree, table, cart, cows, chicken, rooster and duck.
minifigs included a blacksmith minifig, 2 soldier minifigs, 2 male peasant minifigs, 2 female peasant minifigs and a boy minifigs.
great playability.
overall design is great.
must have for castle lovers.

set database: 8264 hauler

image courtesy of barman
image courtesy of KneppaH
theme: technic
year: 2009
pieces: 575
prices: us$70
minifigs: none
large technic set.
can be built into a building alternative.
building alternative included flatbed truck.
included motorized power function and battery box.
use 6 aa batteries.
come with articulated steering, independent rear suspension, engine cover open up and trailer bed can be raised and lowered by power function motor.
great playability.
overall design is good.