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Jan 27, 2009

set database: 1472 vacation house

image courtesy of bricklink
theme: town
year: 1987
pieces: 334
prices: us$na
minifigs: 4
nice vacation house.
limited edition, only available in some european country.
the house has 1 storey level.
the house has a kitchen, an open air dining and an outdoor fireplace and chimney.
the kitchen has a stove, a coffee maker and drawers.
the dining room has a table, 4 seats and an umbrella.
the wall color is red.
the roof color is yellow.
the windows and door color are white.
nice color scheme.
vehicles included a red car, a white camper van with trailer for a small motor boat and a red bicycle.
minifigs included 2 male minifigs and 2 female minifigs.
great playability.
overall design is great.

set database: 7994 LEGO city harbour

image courtesy of UHAUHA
image courtesy of LukaszM
theme: city, cargo transport
year: 2007
pieces: 661
prices: us$90
minifigs: 5
nice city set.
come with a harbour with dock, harbour office and crane.
the office has a computer and road gate.
the crane can rotate 360 degrees and the crane arm can raised and lower to handle cargo.
included a real floating boat, container truck and a small speedboat.
the ship base is a one piece part.
the ship has an anchor that can be raised and lowered by a reel, engine room, control room and cargo area that can load 4 containers.
the truck can load a container.
the speedboat can only seat for 1 minifig.
accessories included 2 containers, a pallet, fishing rod and bucket, pushing cart, traffic light, gas tank and small utensils.
minifigs included a boat captain minifig, a crane operator minifig, a truck driver minifig, a fisherman minifig and a speedboat rider minifig.
great playability.
overall design is good.

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