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Feb 2, 2009

set database: 852504 magnet set indiana jones

theme: gear, magnet
year: 2008
pieces: 3
prices: us$15
minifigs: 3
nice magnet set.
included modified 2x4 bricks that has magnet.
minifigs attached to the bricks and can be detached.
minifigs included indiana jones minifig, marion minifig and professor henry jones senior minifig.
has minifig accessories like whip, gun, torch and map.
overall design is great.

set database: 6370 weekend home

image courtesy of bricklink
image courtesy of peeronimage courtesy of Rick83image courtesy of cherrera
theme: town
year: 1985
pieces: 187
prices: us$na
minifigs: 2
nice town set.
the house has 2 storeys level.
on first level has a sitting room and a kitchen.
the sitting room has a table and a seat.
the kitchen has a stove and an oven.
the upper level is an attic.
the attic has a bedroom and a study room.
the bedroom has a bed.
the study room has a cupboard, a desk and a seat.
the wall color is yellow.
the roof color is red.
the windows and door color are black.
nice color scheme.
the roof has 2 roof windows.
outside has an outdoor fire place with chimney on top, a garden lamp, a table and 2 seats.
minifigs included a male minifig and a female minifig.
great playability.
overall design is great.
must have for town lovers.