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Feb 24, 2009

set database: 852535 vintage minifigs collection vol.2

theme: vintage minifig collection
year: 2009
pieces: 24
prices: us$18

minifigs: 5
nice collection of vintage LEGO minifigures.
collector item.

set database: 8184 twin x-treme RC

image courtesy of sives1
theme: racers, radio control
year: 2009
pieces: 239
prices: us$50
minifigs: none
new radio control sub theme in racers.
come with a radio control car.
can be built into 4 alternative models.
included a radio control remote with forward/back and left/right driving functions.
the radio control remote and the radio control car base has 4 channels.
the radio control remote uses 3 AAA batteries.
the radio control car base uses 3 AA batteries.
the radio control car base included built in rear wheel motor, receiver, AA batteries case and steerable front axle.
the radio control car base has flexible front bumper.
great playability.
overall design is great.