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Mar 5, 2009

set database: 10173 holiday train

image courtesy of bricklinkimage courtesy of AirMauroimage courtesy of sam711005image courtesy of HonnyVoreimage courtesy of ash-274image courtesy of marcoverbeek
theme: factory, train
year: 2006
pieces: 965
prices: us$90
minifigs: 7
nice train set.
the train is a holiday season style.
the train included a locomotive, a tender, a passenger car with removable roof, a christmas tree carrier, a caboose and a long open freight car contain with gift boxes and toys.
the color scheme is red, white and green.
minifigs included 2 engineer minifigs, a railroad worker minifig, a female passanger minifig and 3 male passenger minifigs.
great playability.
overall design is great.
must have for train lovers.

set database: 6722 styracosaurus

image courtesy of peeron
image courtesy of bricklinkimage courtesy of PICSLimage courtesy of lasergirl70image courtesy of alex54image courtesy of Rober-to
theme: dinosaurs
year: 2001
pieces: 19
prices: us$10
minifigs: none
dinosaurs theme.
come with canister with square rock island shape.
come with dinosaurs figure made from bricks.
can be built into several dinosaurs like styracosaurus, camarasaurus, centrosaurus and triceratops.
only for display purpose.
overall design is good.