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Oct 31, 2009

set database: 4485 mini sebulba's podracer & anakin's podracer

image courtesy of bricklink image courtesy of kunimasa0314image courtesy of theifimage courtesy of rakehau1image courtesy of Hendriksimage courtesy of nahadefimage courtesy of Batgirlimage courtesy of Morten-Sonne image courtesy of Doraemon
image courtesy of knightranger image courtesy of Dlarian
image courtesy of Koyan
theme: starwars, mini series
year: 2003
pieces: 72
prices: us$4
minifigs: none
come with hard plastic packaging.
come with a mini sebulba's podracer & anakin's podracer.
come with extra parts for building mini TIE bomber.
to complete the mini TIE bomber, you need other extra parts from set 4484 mini X-wing fighter & TIE advanced, 4486 mini AT-ST & snowspeeder and 4487 mini jedi starfighter & slave I.
good playability.
overall design is good.