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Mar 24, 2010

LEGO set database: 1898 weetabix dragster

image courtesy of brickset

image courtesy of bricklink
image courtesy of 53jenimage courtesy of christhecleancar
theme: legoland, castle, weetabix promotional
year: 1989
pieces: 27
prices: us$na
minifigs: 1
weetabix promotional set come with a blue dragster car.
the car has number 2 printed pattern slope brick in front end.
minifig included a blue racer minifig.
great playability.
overall design is good.

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jamisonhoughton@yahoo.com said...

Around about what year did this come out? Im looking for a lego dragster that i wanted as a child but just for the large wheels at the time i never found on any outher lego set. My mother never could afford to get it for me and after a year or so seeing it on the shelf at the drug store it was gone when she finnaly had the money to get if for me.

onetwobrick said...

Dear Jamison,
This set came out in 1989.
Sorry to hear you missed this set as a child.
You can try to find it at bricklink.