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Mar 12, 2010

LEGO set database: 10211 grand emporium

theme: factory, modular houses, city
year: 2010
pieces: 2182
prices: us$150
minifigs: 7
new factory sub-theme of modular houses series.
modular style with colorful design.
come with a department store.
the building has 3 storey levels.
every floor levels can be opened for revealing the interior.
come with some realistic details like interior and exterior.
interior included 2 escalators and a chandelier.
on first floor has a revolving door, a cash register, a fitting room, hats, jewelry, perfume, and trousers.
on second floor has glasswares and golden plates.
on third floor has toys like toy house, balls and push-scooter.
on top roof has a skylight and a billboard.
exterior included a mailbox, shop windows with awning, an ice cream stand, 2 plant pots and a window washing gondola.
minifigs included a male minifig, a female minifig, a boy minifig, a salesperson girl minifig, a worker minifig, a groom mannequin minifig and a bride mannequin minifig.
great playability.
overall design is great.
must have for city and modular houses lovers.
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