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Dec 26, 2010

LEGO set database: 7327 scorpion pyramid

theme: pharaoh's quest
year: 2011
pieces: 792
prices: us$100
minifigs: 7
new egyptian theme.
come with a scorpion pyramid.
the pyramid has sliding doors, booby trap stairs and a mummy tomb.
also included a brick built giant scorpion and an armored all terrain vehicle.
accessories included golden coffin lid, egyptian swords, scarab shields, dynamite, spears, wrenches, guns, a pickaxe, binoculars, scorpions, snakes and golden coins.
minifigs included a jake raines minifig, a mac mcloud minifig, a professor archibald hale minifig, a pharaoh amset ra minifig, 2 anubis guard minifigs and a flying mummy minifig.
great playability.
overall design is great.
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