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Mar 29, 2011

LEGO set database: 8070 super car

theme: technic, power functions
year: 2011
pieces: 1281
prices: us$120
minifigs: none

large technic set.
main model is a super car.
can be built into a building alternative.
building alternative included a hot rod.
come with a medium motor and battery box.
come with steerable front wheels, suspensions, movable pistons, motor openable scissor doors, openable front hood and extendable rear spoiler.
overall design is great.
must have for technic lovers.
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Bo said...

Awesomely fun to put together wondering if there is a way to make it remote controlled seems there would be room near the the driveshaft for a second electric motor

onetwobrick said...

hi Bo,
maybe this video can show you how one modify the super car into power function steer and drive.

hope that may help.