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Apr 25, 2012

set database: LEGO 21101 hayabusa

set database: LEGO 21101 hayabusa

image courtesy of LEGO CUUSOO Blog
set number: 21101
set name: hayabusa
theme: cuusoo
year: 2012
pieces: 369
price: ¥6615, us$50
minifig: 1
nice medium set.
this is series of LEGO cuusoo series.
come with a hayabusa spacecraft.
the submarine is an unmanned spacecraft.
the scale is 1:60.
only 10000 sets produced.
exclusive release in japan and later online on shop.LEGO.com.
minifig included a Mr.Junichiro Kawaguchi minifig, the hayabusa project manager.
overall design is great.
collector item.
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