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May 26, 2012

set database: LEGO 2718 aircraft and ground crew

set database: LEGO 2718 aircraft and ground crew

image courtesy of bricklink
image courtesy of brickset
image courtesy of the--duck

image courtesy of Brick Horizon
set number: 2718
set name: aircraft and ground crew
theme: town, airport, airline exclusive
year: 2001
pieces: 133
price: £na
minifigs: 3

airline exclusive.
similar as set 2532 aircraft and ground crew with Air 2000 livery stickers.
come with a jet plane.
the plane has 2 jet propellers, a seat for pilot, 2 passenger seats, rear compartment for a suitcase and raisable roof from window side.
the plane's windows use stickers.
also included a small truck with fuel tank.
minifigs included a pilot minifig, a ground crew minifig and a passenger minifig.
great playability.
overall design is great.
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