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Aug 3, 2012

set database: LEGO 3061 city park cafe

set database: LEGO 3061 city park cafe
 image courtesy of amazon.com

image courtesy of Grogall
set number: 3061
set name: city park cafe
theme: friends
year: 2012
pieces: 222
price: us$30
minidolls: 2
new friends theme.
come with a cafe.
the cafe has a kitchen area, inside and outside dining areas, a counter and a cash register.
furnitures included a shower, a toilet, a sink, a bed, a vanity, a couch, a chair, a coffee table, a flat screen tv, a refrigerator, cabinets, an oven, a sink, a kitchen table and kitchen chairs.
accessories included money bricks, a frying pan, a spatula, 3 muffin tins, a mixer, utensils, a baking tray, a bowl, a pie and a juice carton.
minidolls included andrea minidoll in pink shirt and pink skirt, marie minidoll in yellow shirt and light aqua skirt.
great playability.
overall design is great.
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