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Sep 4, 2012

set database: LEGO 3316 friends advent calendar

set database: LEGO 3316 friends advent calendar

 image courtesy of brickset

 image courtesy of Grogall
image courtesy of amazon.co.jp
set number: 3316
set name: friends advent calendar
theme: friends, advent calendar
year: 2012
pieces: 212
price: us$35
minidolls: 2
new friends theme.
open 24 surprises every day counting to christmas.
nice collection for friends minifigs and holiday accessories.
included a rare christina in red santa suit.
great playability.
overall design is great.
must have for friends lovers.
list per day:
day01:olivia minidoll in light aqua long sleeve shirt and dark blue skirt
day03:street lamp with garland
day04:skis and ski poles
day06:christina minidoll in red santa suit
day07:friends accessories
day08:table and stool
day09:plate, glass, milkbox and cakes
day10:sled trailer
day11:present in box for puppy
day13:stool, candies and plate
day14:puppy basket and bone
day15:sled trailer
day16:bucket, broom and snow balls
day17:mailbox and letter
day18:present in box with letter
day22:christmas tree
day23:present in box with letter
day24:corner table, wig, wig holder and perfumes
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