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Jul 20, 2013

set database: LEGO 60023 LEGO® city starter set

set database: LEGO 60023 LEGO® city starter set
image courtesy of Grogall
image courtesy of kockarako
image courtesy of amazon.com

set number: 60023
set name: LEGO® city starter set
theme: citystarter setfirepolicehospital
year: 2013
pieces: 272
price: us$30
minifigs: 5
nice city starter set.
come with an ambulance, a fire truck and a police motorcycle.
the ambulance has a stretcher.
the fire truck has a ladder and a storage compartment.
the motorcycle has a police sign.
also included a skateboard, a fire extinguisher, fire equipment, a gold bar, 2 money bills, 2 diamonds, a loot bag, a handcuffs, a medical bag, a coffee cup and an orange brick separator.
minifigs included a robber minifig, a policeman minifig, a fireman minifig, a rescuer minifig and a skater boy minifig.
a comic book included.
great playability.
overall design is great.
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