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Sep 7, 2013

set database: LEGO 10237 tower of orthanc

set database: LEGO 10237 tower of orthanc

image courtesy of Grogall
set number: 10237
set name: tower of orthanc
theme: lord of the rings
year: 2013
pieces: 2359
price: us$200
minifigs: 5
new lord of the rings theme set.
come with a tower of orthanc and a buildable ent figure.
the tower has 6 storeys floor, a foldable staircase, an attic, a library, an alchemy room, a saruman's throne room, a LEGO light brick palantir, an entrance hall and a dungeon.
also included a great eagle.
minifigs included a saruman minifig with kirtle outfit, a grima wormtongue minifig, a gandalf the grey minifig, an uruk-hai minifig and an orc pitmaster minifig.
great playability.
overall design is great.
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