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Nov 12, 2013

set database: LEGO 60024 LEGO® city advent calendar

set database: LEGO 60024 LEGO® city advent calendar
image courtesy of Grogall
image courtesy of amazon
image courtesy of amazon.co.uk

set number: 60024
set name: LEGO® city advent calendar
theme: city, advent calendar
year: 2013
pieces: 244
price: us$30
minifigs: 8
open 24 surprises every day counting to christmas.
list per day:
day01:police minifig with cup
day03:dog with plate and bone
day05:bandit tools
day06:bandit with cup
day08:foods and drinks
day10:female firefighter minifig with fire extinguiser
day12:christmas tree
day13:astronaut with wand
day14:gift boxes
day15:racer minifig with tools
day16:wheels and oil barrel
day17:race car base
day18:boy minifig with remote control
day19:toy planes
day20:toy boat
day21:toy train engine
day22:toy excavator
day23:santa's sled with gift boxes
day24:santa minifig with bag
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