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Jun 21, 2015

set database: LEGO 70227 king crominus' rescue

set database: LEGO 70227 king crominus' rescue
image courtesy of chimawiki
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image courtesy of amazon.co.uk

set number: 70227
set name: king crominus' rescue
theme: legends of chima
year: 2015
pieces: 863
price: us$90
minifigs: 6
new legends of chima theme set.
included a fire helicroctor and a fire tracker.
the helicroctor has a quick vehicle pick up and release function, rear spinnable rotors, 4 flick missiles, 2 engines and a croc head with openable cockpit and jaws.
the tracker has a cockpit, big wheels and tracks, 2 disc shooters and a lion head with openable jaws.
weapons include a laval’s fire valious, a cragger’s vengblaze, an icepaw’s icehaxlor, a strainor’s hacktor, a saraw’s deepfroster and a king crominus’ royal swamptorch.
minifigs included a cragger minifig, a laval minifig, a king crominus minifig, a strainor minifig, a saraw minifig and an icepaw minifig.
great playability.
overall design is great.
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