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Sep 30, 2015

set database: LEGO 70738 final flight of destiny's bounty

set database: LEGO 70738 final flight of destiny's bounty
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set number: 70738
set name: final flight of destiny's bounty
theme: ninjago
year: 2015
pieces: 1253
price: us$120
minifigs: 9
new ninjago theme.
come with a destiny’s bounty and a morro’s ghost dragon.
the destiny’s bounty has a retractable handle for easy flying, 4 lever operated adjustable sails, 2 triple stud-shooting cannons with ammunition, storage compartments with a crowbar and katana, a rotatable dual flick harpoon shooter with engine transformation function, an openable roof, an aeroblade, a detachable roof element, a nya’s foldable workshop with a hidden air bike and assorted tools, a bucket, a pirate hat with feather, a cup, a treasure chest with a golden teapot, a rat, a cheese and golden ninja blades.
the dragon has a saddle, a posable head with opening jaws, posable wings, legs and tail and sharp talons.
weapons included zane’s 2 golden shurikens and aeroblade, jay’s deepstone nunchuk, nya’s 2 katanas, wrayth’s scythe ghost master blade and bansha’s ghost master blade.
minifigs included a lloyd minifig, a nya minifig, a cole minifig, a battle wu minifig, a morro minifig, a blade master bansha minifig, a bow master soul archer minifig, a scythe master ghoultar minifig and a ghost ninja spyder minifig.
great playability.
overall design is good.
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