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Oct 16, 2015

set database: LEGO 75904 mystery mansion

set database: LEGO 75904 mystery mansion
image courtesy of amazon

 image courtesy of brickmerge

set number: 75904
set name: mystery mansion
theme: scooby doo!
year: 2015
pieces: 860
price: us$90
minifigs: 6
new scooby doo! theme.
come with a mystery mansion.
the mansion has a clock tower with a midnight spinnable wall, a roof with a vampire coffin, a conservatory with broken windows, a man eating plant with ‘snapping mouth’ and 2 pumpkin heads, a kitchen with cupboards, a sink, a pot, a giant buildable hamburger, a brick built morning star pendulum trap, an openable safe with 3 golden bars, a hidden compartment with a golden key, special brick with a mystery clue, a pot, a skull minifigure head, a rat and a bat.
minifigs included a velma minifig, a daphne minifig, a shaggy minifig, a vampire / bob oakley minifig, a ghost / bluestone the great minifig, a black knight / mr wickles minifig.
also included a scooby doo.
great playability.
overall design is great.
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