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Nov 1, 2015

set database: LEGO 30112 emma's flower stand

set database: LEGO 30112 emma's flower stand

image courtesy of toysrus
set number: 30112
set name: emma's flower stand
theme: friends
year: 2014
pieces: 33
price: us$5
minidoll: 1
new friends theme.
come with a flower stand.
the stand has flowers and a pushbroom.
minidoll included emma minidoll in white shirt and light aqua skirt.
great playability.
overall design is great.
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set database: LEGO 21118 the mine

set database: LEGO 21118 the mine
image courtesy of brickmerge
image courtesy of ibdc
image courtesy of soutezmea
image courtesy of amazon
image courtesy of hetdeensesteentje

image courtesy of amazon.co.uk
set number: 21118
set name: the mine
theme: minecraft
year: 2014
pieces: 922
price: us$110
minifigs: 4
minecraft theme set.
come with a big minecart track, a minecart, a chest, a tnt, an explodable rock face, a diamond, a redstone and coal elements, torches and 2 trees.
minifigs included a steve minifig, a creeper minifig, a zombie minifig and a skeleton minifig.
overall design is good.
collector item.
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