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Jun 11, 2016

set database: LEGO 70164 hurricane heist

set database: LEGO 70164 hurricane heist
image courtesy of brickmerge
image courtesy of demartina
image courtesy of amazon
image courtesy of amazon.co.uk

set number: 70164
set name: hurricane heist
theme: ultra agents
year: 2014
pieces: 589
price: us$70
minifigs: 4
new ultra agents theme set.
included a psyclone’s transformable flyer and a motorbike.
the flyer has an openable cockpit, 2 big spinnable rotor blades, 2 quad laser cannons, 2 automatic missile shooters, an extra missile, a storage for banknotes and mech mode transform.
the motorbike has foldable transparent blue energy wheels, twin stud shooters and fold out wings for fly modes.
minifigs included an agent caila phoenix minifig, an agent jack fury minifig, a psyclone minifig and an astor city guard minifig.
great playability.
overall design is great.
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