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Apr 11, 2017

set database: LEGO 71228 ghostbusters level pack

set database: LEGO 71228 ghostbusters level pack
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image courtesy of amazon.co.uk
set number: 71228
set name: ghostbusters level pack
theme: dimensionsghostbusters
year: 2016
pieces: 115
price: us$30
minifig: 1
new dimensions video game theme set.
LEGO dimensions starter pack and internet connection required.
LEGO dimensions expansion packs unlock additional content.
LEGO dimensions characters and vehicles are required to interact with the LEGO dimensions video game.
come with a rebuildable 3 in 1 ecto 1 and ghost trap models.
the ecto 1 rebuilt into the ecto 1 blaster and ecto 1 water diver.
the ghost trap rebuilt into a ghost stun n trap and a proton zapper.
minifig included a peter venkman minifig.
good playability.
overall design is great.
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