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Oct 8, 2017

set database: LEGO 21137 the mountain cave

set database: LEGO 21137 the mountain cave
image courtesy of brickmerge
image courtesy of LEGO

image courtesy of amazon

set number: 21137
set name: the mountain cave
theme: minecraft
year: 2017
pieces: 2863
price: us$250
minifigs: 6
minecraft theme set.
come with the mountain cave.
the mountain cave has a minecart track, an integrated redstone powered minecart elevator, 2 minecarts, a first night shelter with bed, a crafting table and torch, a mountaintop shelter with bed, torch and furnace, a light brick, trees, a waterfall, a lava and extra torches.
minifigs included a steve minifig,an alex minifig, a zombie minifig, an enderman minifig, a skeleton minifig and a charged creeper minifig.
overall design is good.
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