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Feb 16, 2018

set database: LEGO 41313 heartlake summer pool

set database: LEGO 41313 heartlake summer pool
image courtesy of brickmerge
image courtesy of rekato
image courtesy of klocki
image courtesy of amazon

image courtesy of amazon.co.uk
set number: 41313
set name: heartlake summer pool
theme: friends
year: 2017
pieces: 589
price: us$50
minidolls: 2
friends theme set.
come with a swimming pool, a hot tub, a day bed area, a restroom and a lifeguard stand.
the pool has a wavy slide, a springable diving board, a rubber ring, an air mattress, an aquarium, a shower, a tv screen, 2 speakers, a fountain, a swim up bar and steps down to the hot tub area.
minidolls included andrea in lime bikini and light aqua skirt and martina in pink bikini and lime wrap.
great playability.
overall design is good.
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