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Jun 29, 2018

set database: LEGO 30620 ninjago city

set database: LEGO 30620 ninjago city
image courtesy of brickmerge
image courtesy of amazon

set number: 30620
set name: ninjago city
theme: ninjago movie
year: 2017
pieces: 4867
price: us$300
minifigs: 19
ninjago movie theme set.
come with a ninjago city and a traditional fishing boat.
the city has 3 levels connected by a sliding elevator.
level 1 has a bridge, a sewer outlet, a stream with transparent blue and transparent green water, slidable elevator for a minifig, a traditional fish market, a house with a dining room and a bedroom with slidable screen doors and foldable out solar panels, a maintenance robot's service station and a taxi stand with a telephone.
level 2 has a modern fashion store, 2 mannequins, a construction site, a bonsai tree, a comic book store, a brick built sign, a cashier desk, a comic book stand, a crab restaurant, a brick built crab entrance sign, a crab grilling oven, an atm, 15 bank notes and a movie poster display stand with 4 interchangeable movie posters.
level 3 has a radio tower, a modern rooftop sushi bar, a functional sushi conveyor, brick built food, a bathroom with a slidable door, a brick built puffer fish and squid, a lloyd garmadon and misako's apartment with an openable window, a bunk bed, a kitchen unit and attic space for the green ninja suit minifig.
minifigs included a jay minifig, a kai minifig, a lloyd garmadon minifig, a green ninja suit minifig, a misako minifig, a jamanakai villager minifig, a sally minifig, an ivy walker minifig, a konrad minifig, a severin black minifig, a tommy minifig, a guy minifig, a juno minifig, a mother doomsday minifig, a shark army gunner minifig, an officer noonan minifig and a sweep the maintenance robot minifig.
great playability.
overall design is good.
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